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以书传承 以匠兴业——上安镇陈书林深挖文化特色提升社区形象

核心提示: 记者走进位于上安镇蒲墩村西北的陈书林,一阵微风吹来 ,阵阵稻香涌入鼻腔,一座座粉饰一新的川西风貌民居点缀其中,书香文化、工匠精神等元

记者走进位于上安镇蒲墩村西北的陈书林,一阵微风吹来 ,阵阵稻香涌入鼻腔,一座座粉饰一新的川西风貌民居点缀其中,书香文化、工匠精神等元素随处可见……自今年3月初以来,陈书林在镇村的全力支持下,深挖当地特色文化,坚持“以书传承、以匠兴业”的理念开展城乡社区发展治理,受到了群众的好评。 The reporter walked into Chen Shulin, located in the northwest of Pudun Village, Shang'an Town. A breeze blew, and the rice fragrant rushed into the nose. The newly decorated houses of western Sichuan were dotted with the elements of scholarly culture and artisan spirit. Since the beginning of March this year, with the full support of the town and village, Chen Shulin has dug the local characteristic culture and adhered to the concept of “inheriting books and inheriting the profession” to carry out urban and rural community development and governance, which has been well received by the masses.

以书传承 世代书香永留存

Inheritance of books


The relevant person in charge of the town introduced that the Chen clan people who have lived here for a long time have been prosperous and have spread to the fifteenth generation. In addition, since the ages, the Chen clan people have been loyal and honest, and they have revered Confucianism. This talk theory has ushered in the opening of several private schoolers to teach, Lang Lang's book is far and near, the disciples are crowded, the villagers have planted bamboo trees to make the trees here, so it is called Chen Shulin.


"Scholar incense is Chen Shulin's precious spiritual wealth, which has led to the emergence of talented people here." The person in charge introduced that Chen Dengyin, the fifth generation of the Chen family, was knowledgeable and well-respected, and was highly respected by the world. The Emperor Xianfeng gave him the right to be the eight-story official. Since the founding of New China, there have been dozens of college students who have entered the career path or concentrated on scientific research.


When the urban and rural community governance began in March, the inheritance of the scholarly culture became the consensus of the villagers. After visiting and listening to the old man, the town excavated Chen Shulin's unique book culture, such as "Chen Shulin's origin", "Chen Dengyin's people", "shouguan", "Qing Dynasty official system", etc., through cultural shaping, these scholarly cultures And the celebrity's aphorisms about reading, etc., are implanted in the outer wall of the house, ready for everyone to learn.


On the same day, along the village road all the way forward, the wall on the right side of the road is more than ten meters long, writing the origin of Chen Shulin, everywhere the folk houses can be seen everywhere full of book-like flavors, the biography of the literati of the past dynasties, etc., the book atmosphere is strong.

以匠兴业 千秋匠魂励后人

Inspired by the craftsman


>Many years ago, Chen Shulin was famous for poverty and remoteness in the local area. He was even dubbed as an "island" trapped in farmland. The transformation took place in the early days of reform and opening up. At that time, it was difficult to continue farming alone, forcing a large number of villagers to leave their homes and go out to work. They made a career with integrity, willingness and skill.


"Chen Shulin's transformation cannot be separated from the contribution of local craftsmen from generation to generation." Zhang Yi, secretary of the branch of Pudun Village, told reporters that Chen Shupei, who was in the early days of the reform, was contracted outside the project. He can be regarded as the representative of the first batch of gossip craftsmen. Characters, many of Chen Shulin’s villagers have now carried forward the craftsmanship of their predecessors and left footprints in various areas such as Tibet. Last year alone, Chen Shulin's four large-scale construction contractors and more than 10 engineering team leaders led nearly 1,000 people in the local and surrounding districts (cities) to go out to work, with incomes of more than 100 million yuan.


Nowadays, Chen Shulin has achieved his career and flourished his family business with the spirit of artisans. In the next step, the town will also build a public space in Chen Shulin with the “spirit of the soul” as the core. In the venue, tools such as axe, hoe, saw, curved ruler, ink bucket, planing, chisel, etc. will be displayed to encourage the villagers to inherit and carry forward the ancestors. The spirit of craftsmen, standing firm on the outside, not only raises income, but also actively drives the people in the surrounding areas to get rich together.

共建共治 陈书林再添活力

Building a joint governance, Chen Shulin adds vitality


After a week strolling through Chen Shulin Village Road, no garbage was found on the spacious and flat road. Chen Xiangyou, who is weeding in the micro-green space of the community, told the reporter, "Everyone is very conscious. Every morning, when they get up, they clean up the hygiene in front of their own homes. They will also actively maintain the greenery around them. The environment is doing well. We ourselves. It’s comfortable to live.”


It is understood that at present, Chen Shulin has provided infrastructure in community governance, broadened and built new roads, and built ecological ditches, parking lots, and plazas. In the next step, the town will guide Chen Shulin to establish a sound management mechanism, establish various self-organizations, carry out various activities, and shape the landscape in the surrounding areas, develop ecological agriculture, and support farmhouse music, so that Chen Shulin can “live”.